Finding a stolen iPhone through GPS


It seems that iPhone theft is up but so is tracking it down through GPS apps. This NYT article tells the tale of losing and finding a stolen phone. It does not always work out, though. NYT describes it here.

Have you ever had a smartphone stolen? No me. I don't like the idea of someone getting my personal info. I guard my phone.


I lost my phone for a few hours luckily the store it was at knew me quite well, but my phone is my life so it doesn't really leave my pocket unless I'm distracted, and about the GPS thing I can disable that feature completely and the phone will be brand new as well as a new serial


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I own inexpensive but functional phones. Nobody wants to steal them.

An iPhone screams "STEAL ME!"
I've used this app before when I dropped my phone in WalMart...luckily a good samaritan turned it in to customer service, the app showed me it was still there, called the phone and a lady answered saying to come pick it up! Glad I had a full battery charge, or I would have spent hours hunting around WalMart before I would have asked someone :)


Well as far as I know its not an easy process but I have a guy around where I live that takes the phone apart and depending on the model he desoilders a chip and replaces it with a modified one I did some research and it is kind of a pain to do might as well just get a new phone. I wouldn't do it to a stolen one but I would take bad imei phone is buy and have it done... But since long switched to android prepaid so not really into that anymore for persoanl reasons


I bought my wife the Motorola RAZR HD when it first came out. I remember spending a good amount of money on it and at one it was one of the best phones out there... 3 months later she left it in a taxicab and even though we were able to track it for a while, the thieves must've figured out how to turn off the GPS and tracker. I ended up buying her a prepaid phone for 50 dollars after that.