Question: Finding antennas in stores?


Why don't stores stock tv antennas? Walmart, Bestbuy, Radio Shack, etc. Local stores seem to have a
few of the small panel types, but nothing that would actually work around where I live. Looking for a
4 or 8 bay uhf/vhf.

Ended up just ordering from Walmart online with free shipping.

Maybe the satellite/cable guys are in on it? Just found it weird.
The larger hardware stores, especially in rural areas, may have medium or larger antennas; otherwise you'll have to go to the few remaining sellers like Summit Source and Solid Signal. FM-only antennas are essentially extinct unless buying commercial-grade hardware.

I think cable and satellite mostly broke the market, especially in urban/suburban markets.

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Fry's is another potential source but online vendors offer the best range of choices. Craigslist can get you a good antenna on the cheap -- assuming you know what you require for an antenna at your location.



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In my opinion, Cable/Sat companies ARE the reason that there are few resources for antennas. Not that there is a lack of programing on OTA. In fact, Terrestrial TV has boomed in quality programming recently. But that the local channels are included in the basic packages of them.

ie: why have the duplicity ?

1: How often do I hear "my Cable is out".
It's SO nice to have a source for continued viewing, specially in bad weather.

2: If you really want quality HD viewing,
you'll find it over a properly selected/installed antenna system, which is obviously better than Cable/Sat.