Finding The Best HDTV For Under $500

Finding the best HDTV isn’t an easy task, but finding the best for under $500 is an even harder task. I’ve put together a list to help you know where to start looking, though, and any of these can be a great choice.

This 42” LED TV features full 1080p HD and looks great no matter what angle you are viewing it at. It isn’t one of the flashiest televisions out there, but it performs great and comes it at around $450. This HDTV features two HDMI ports and two 8 watt speakers to make sure that you have a high quality picture and sound at an affordable price.

At just $300, this HDTV is one of the most affordable for the features that are packed into it. You might not recognize the brand name, but this is the fourth largest producer of HDTVs in the world. They have more than 25 different models, but for the value, this one can’t be beat. It is 40”, but it is shallower than many of the more recognizable brands and delivers a lot of features thanks to the two HDMI ports, USB port, VGA input, and more.

Insignia NS-42E480A13
Insignia is the house brand of Best Buy, but that doesn’t mean that they make any sacrifices when it comes to quality. There is just a single easy to reach HDMI input on this tv, but at $330, you can afford to use an HDMI hub. There is also a USB port, PC audio and VGA inputs, and two downward facing HDMI ports that might not see much use. The picture is not the brightest or most balanced, but at this price you can’t complain.

Toshiba 32L22000
Toshiba gets a bad name for creating barebones televisions, but that doesn’t mean that they aren’t high quality. At just 32”, it is smaller than many of the other popular HDTVs, but it is also just $250. At that price you get a big quality picture, two HDMI ports, USB ports, VGA input, and stereo audio output. There aren’t many advanced settings to help calibrate it, although the picture still remains worth the money. It is worth pointing out that you can get a lot more for just $100 more, but if you are confined to this price range, don’t miss this opportunity.

Westinghouse UW40T2BW
Westinghouse is one of the most famous brands in the world and is responsible for some of the first options that were available for under $500 and also larger than 26”. This 40” HDTV weighs 27 lbs and comes with a beautiful picture and even settings for 3D Surround Sound.

Sony KDL-32R400A
Everyone knows the brand, but not many people trust their cheaper models for some reason. Despite that, this 32” HDTV comes in at $399 and is worth every penny. There is no 3D or apps on this tv, but it does have HDMI and USB ports that can allow you to use all of your favorite devices with it.

None of these are bad televisions. Many people want to pay a lot more for an HDTV because they think that they are getting a better product, but these options show otherwise.