Finding The Best Smartwatch Deals Even After Black Friday

Finding the best deals on anything AFTER Black Friday is never easy. This very special day is where most people think you’ll find your last day to get in on special deals, but even after that, you can find plenty of deals, especially on smart watches. I’ll show you where you can get the best deals, save the most money, and get the best smart watch possible.
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Android Pebble - $149.99 at Best Buy With A $20 Gift Card
The Pebble is the most popular smart watch on the market, and with good reason. This is the best way to make use of your phone’s technology and is also the most affordable. The E-Ink screen isn’t like any of the other watches on the market, but it still is easy to read your emails, text messages, check caller ID, check the calendar, and use any of the other apps that are available, including iTunes, Spotify, Pandora. Best Buy has the Pebble for $149.99 right now and it also comes with a free $20 gift card, making it the best place to find a deal.

Sony Smartwatch 2 - $199.99 from With Fresh Express Shipping
Sony’s new Smartwatch2 is a revolutionary smar watch that is hard to find a good deal on. Sony’s own website however, has it for $199.99 with free express shipping. This smart watch has one of the best designs, and is actually what many people suspect the iWatch will end up looking like if it ever comes out. This LCD touchscreen makes it easy to navigate all of your apps, including Twitter, text messages, timers, run tracking, music playing, and plenty more.

Samsung Galaxy Gear - $299.99 from Best Buy
The Galaxy Gear originally got a bad reputation due to high return rates, but they’ve cleaned up their act since then. This smart watch syncs with your Galaxy Note 3 and allows you to take calls hands free, find your phone, take pictures that will be transferred to your phone, track your physical fitness level thanks to the built-in pedometer, and play music. Best Buy has them for $299.99, which seems like a lot, but from Best Buy it comes with Free Shipping and easy in store pickup. The phone comes with a 1 year Parts & Labor Warranty as well, which can be redeemed at any of their locations, which is never far from anyone.

Fitbit Force - $129.95 From
The Fitbit Force might not be a smart watch in the way that these other watches are, but it is nonetheless a high quality tech gadget that is worthy of being listed here. Especially at this price. The Fitbit Force is able to track your entire fitness and sleep routine and give you real time readout on what is working for you and what isn’t. The LED screen on this shows you all kinds of statistics that are automatically synced to your computer or smartphone to track everything.

These are not all of the smart watches on the market. If you wan’t bang for your buck, though, look no further than these deals.

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