How do you think the cable networks are going to handle the growing FIOS TV market. At this point I don't see the free market doing what it should and that is to cause prices to lower. Both type of television seem to be keeping their prices high and in fact prices are higher than ever.


price is higher but we should mainly concentrate on clarity.price will get reduced if competition starts between them.they will start some offer till you have to wait and then enjoy.


just switched to fios over comcast, just as expensive and customer service even worse. Anyone know way to cheat those bastards.
haha are you kidding me? It's all I can do to figure out my bill every month to keep them from cheating me! ;) Every month!


well our folks switched the internet portion to fios.

i'm investingating on hacks for the modem so that ports and protocols aren't blocked.

Don't think the TV portion can be hacked, as they are linked to the TV distribution set top box. Anything you access there, you pay for. Your box may be capable of handling external media, but you will be charged the extra fee only if you start using them.

I sometimes do file sharing, only for German movies that sellers won't ship here. That doesn't mean I won't buy, I'll keep trying to buy legal copies at a reasonable cost (some German sellers try to charge $60 for shipping a $12 movie - no way, man!)
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Update: The FIOS installer somehow messed up the DTV reception throughout the house. I have to go in the attic and see what's been tampered with.

I went up there and saw that the installer COMBINED all the TV outputs from the A-Neutronics amplifier through a Monster Cable -5.7db 3-way splitter. So today's TV recording is trashed, unwatchable. Ah, it's reruns of Hawaii Five-O, Magnum, p.i., and Hogan's Heroes.

I took out and reset my DTV connection to receive the amplified signal without the splitter, like the way it was set before. Still no high VHF, but everything else is back the way it was.

I'll post a sign to not touch my setup up in there.
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