First 5G WiFi + Bluetooth Smart Combo Looks to In-Car Connectivity

Today’s automobiles are officially showing the futuristic features we only dreamed of as kids. But with safety regulations prohibiting use of mobile devices while driving (and understandably so), many of the features that could potentially be so cool are at risk of becoming lost due to the inability to use them while in transit. Broadcom has a solution to the problem, enhancing in-car connectivity with the first 5G WiFi and Bluetooth smart combo. What does that mean?

The company has released a new line of wireless chips that is intended for use in automotive infotainment applications. The new automotive chips feature the latest in 5G WiFi and Bluetooth Smart Ready technology to enable drivers and passengers to easily sync and stream content from mobile devices to the car's infotainment system and rear-seat displays. The new chips also enable high-speed connectivity beyond the vehicle, serving Internet and cloud content via LTE telematics or directly from a Hot Spot connection.

By pairing the technology in the new wireless automotive chips with Bluetooth technology, drivers are able to safely launch technology without stopping the car, fumbling at stoplights, or using other dangerous maneuvers. Your kid’s screaming in the backseat? No worries – just use the Bluetooth functionality to start a movie on your car’s pre-installed video display system. Launch the favorite Disney mp3s. The options are endless – but it’s hands-free, safe driving convenience to keep the whole family happy.

According to a 2012 statement by IMS research, consumers’ use in-car Wi-Fi-enabled applications is expected to grow exponentially (eightfold, to be exact) by the year 2019. Car makers will continue to leverage the latest and greatest technologies in order to reach customers and differentiate themselves in the market – and the new technologies keep on coming.

Existing Wi-Fi and Bluetooth technology for autos can be experienced with the Smart Remote, a device that enables drivers to, from their smartphone, adjust their seat, the vehicle’s temperature, and infotainment settings – while also providing the driver with information about the automobile’s performance and diagnostics.

Overall, these Bluetooth Smart technologies are intended to seamlessly connect the vehicle’s audio and display systems with mobile technologies. Beyond the entertainment value in these new developments, the technologies will increase driver and passenger safety through features that alert the driver of potential upcoming road hazards and traffic incidents as well as functionality to monitor speed limits in relation to the car’s current speed.

So just how futuristic is all of this? The GSMA expects that by 2025, every car will have connectivity with the IHS predicting that the automotive wireless market will reach $1.6 billion in sales by 2018.

Change is coming and the new automotive wireless chips are one of the first steps there. Just some of the selling features of these chips include a complete 5G WiFi system including MAC, PHY, RF, and Bluetooth Smart Ready on a single chip and the ability to resolve interference challenges in systems with both 4G LTE cellular radios and wireless connectivity.

Driving is about to become much more fun.

By Cedric Jackson, a well-respected online marketer and digital evangelist, his work focuses on communicating the essence of beezcontent in the compelling manner in which both readers & search engines are simply attracted and intrigued.