Review: First Impressions of the New Dancing With The Stars

Dancing with the Stars returned to ABC on Monday night for a new season. As with every season, there are new stars and professional dancers but this time the show also had a new co-host, band and graphics to boot!

How is the new season shaping up for you? What do you think of the changes they've made to the show?
We really enjoyed it. Was never a big fan of the show but with the Olympic, Paralympic, Hockey, child stars and Billy D, it was worth the watch for our family LOL....


My impressions... co-host and graphics: good, band: bad.

I liked the old band, and the new sound just sounds different and wrong. It may help the celebrities to use the actual recorded songs more often, but the live band provides atmosphere that can't be replicated by either a recording or the new, smaller band.

You also forgot to mention that the judges are moved back to the other side of the room, which is just confusing (lol).
I agree completely about both the band and Erin! The new orchestra look severely downscaled and predominantly electronic now. The entertainment and show-business value of having a big brassy orchestra is incalculable, and depriving viewers of that glamour will harm the show in the long-term, I think. I'm surprised how much Erin was struggling to do her links and handle the crowd given that she is a sportscaster who presents in front of large arena crowds. Her voice is pretty grating too!
It was even worse this week! Erin stumbled over her links twice as much and there were several erroneous cut-aways to random shots of the studio during the live transmission...and sometimes during dance numbers. The crowd was out-of-control again and the sound muddy and incomprehensible. They really need to shape up, both onscreen and off.