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I saw this little contraption in Target over the weekend and looked it up on line. Apparently there is coverage in my area, but I'm still not sure it would work for me and I don't want to make such a big purchase (with a one year obligation) without knowing it will work for me. The problem is I can't seem to get a digital broadcast where I live. Thats a whole another story. But would I bring in Flo tv if I can't get digital tv...in other words is Flo Tv some sort of satalitte tv that you can get clear pics as long as you are in their 'coverage areas'? It breaks down to about 15.00 a month but that would be worth it to me if I can get CNN.



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FLO TV is transmitted on multiple terrestrial transmitters, much like cell phones are set up. Without knowing your exact location, it's difficult to say how reception will be, but I'd say you have a better chance at reception with FLO TV.

Would they consider letting you take a FLO TV receiver home to see how it works with an option to return if it doesn't?

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