Flu Season is officially here

My wife is home sick from work today with flu symptoms, and I'm loading up on the Vitamin C and Echinacea to keep myself from catching it from her. It seems to catch one of us every other year or so. Last night her temp was 102 degrees, talk about miserable! Anyone have ideas on how I can avoid getting sick from her. Maybe a small vacation would be best. :)


I am so sorry to hear about your wife being sick. I do believe you are probably doing all you can do with taking the Vitamin C & Echinacea. I think GNC actually has a immunity booster, as well. It might be worth looking into.


It is seriously a big issue as the season changes are winters set in there are lot of flu victims. My husband is over with it but still has the hangover. At present my son is under the spell.


This is a good reminder to everyone to get their flu shots. Even though, it may not affect you severely. It could hurt someone you might pass it on to. I hope that make sense.