Folks are "Cutting The Cord" in Favor of Broadcast and Internet Offerings


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At first cable executives denied the trend, blaming it only on an economic hiccup. But that excuse no longer works as millions of Americans are cutting the cord and moving to the Internet and free over-the-air (OTA) reception.

So far about six percent of U.S. households have cut the cord, and close to sixty million Americans now get their TV for free off antennas. Millions more have completely dropped cable and satellite TV in favor of streaming-only fare over the Internet.

A new study released last week by GfK, a market research firm, found that 19.3 percent of all U.S. TV households get their TV from free OTA broadcasts. This means that 22.4 million households representing 59.7 million Americans get their TV for free, the market research firm estimated. One in five young households never bothered to get a TV subscription to begin with.

The number of households relying on OTA reception only is also growing, GigaOm reported. In 2010, it reported that only 14 percent of all households were getting their TV this way. Growth is especially strong amongst younger households, lower-income families and minorities, and it’s gathering momentum quickly, GigaOM said.

It’s not hard to see why people are looking for ways to ditch their cable bill, USA Today reported. A recent study by the NPD Group determined that the average monthly cost of pay TV in the U.S. hit $86 in 2011 and is projected to rise to $123 by 2015. That’s on top of broadband Internet access, which can chew up anywhere from $20 to $205 per month, when it isn’t bundled with a cable subscription.

In contrast, Netflix and Hulu Plus cost just $7.99 monthly, the newspaper reported. Amazon’s video service is bundled into its Prime membership, which runs $79 per year.
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As of last night I had 25 free digital television channels available in my neighborhood. KTFD is testing their dot 3 channel by running some old black and white movies while advertising that Get TV (Sony's new movie channel) will be coming this October. I already get THIS, Bounce, MeTV, and Antenna TV along with the major networks. I have Amazon Prime, and have been enjoying movies and TV shows in HD along with the free two day shipping. Amazon Prime, as is already the case with Netfix, is adding original exclusive programming, delivered where and when you want to watch it.


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My satellite bill started 10 years ago about 50 bucks. It hit $180 this winter and I turned it off. They tried everything they knew to keep me. I have to repeat, cut it off. Finally I had to raise my voice and say enough, cut the @%@$%@$^ off!!
I had gotten where I wasn't even watching it. All the news is propaganda, worthless. News that isn't is streamed. The shows on TV now, sorry but I have more than a 2nd grade education and don't like being so insulted with the crap they call TV now.
So I bought a Roku and could not be happier. I can almost see NBC now, they added a translator but it's very weak. I get it at night, some times. But I haven't worked on that, many other new things in my life. And what is left on NBC anyway?
Piggie, congrats on cutting off those blood suckers. They $^%! make up numbers to charge people (and other omnivores) don't they!?

I've enjoyed reading and studying your old posts.

We are going on 1.5 years since cutting the cord and have no plans to turn back. OTA quality is WAY better then the neighbors HD programming that he pays EXTRA to receive! Between Netflix, Amazon and Redbox it has been easy.

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