Food Network's 'Star Salvation' Continues Reality Trend


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Reality competition shows are always looking for ways to freshen up the status quo. Survivor, the king of these types of programs, has from the beginning looked for new twists to add excitement and keep viewer interest alive. One of the concepts they began was Redemption Island which essentially is a way for exiled contestants to vie with other kicked off participants until one wins the chance to return to the game.

This 'bringing back an eliminated player' idea has caught on and is spreading. Big Brother has done similar competitions based on this theme, and now even the food shows are on board.

Bravo's Top Chef began its online-only Last Chance Kitchen two seasons ago in which the eliminated chefs battles one another for the right to return towards the end of the competition. Now the Food Network is also adding an Internet exclusion element to its Next Food Network Star contest.

Hosted by Robert Irvine, who stars in the network's Restaurant Impossible series, the contest will span six weeks. In the first nine-minute show, the initial four departed contestants were pitted against one another. Two moved forward to the second show and were joined by the latest chef who had been kicked off the main show. Those three battled it out until just one remained. For the rest of the shows, it apparently will be a head-to-head battle until one returns at the end to face off with the regular show finalists.

One of the fairer aspects of Star Salvation, as this online web show is called, is that Irvine is not connected with Next Food Network Star so he goes in with no knowledge about any of the cooks. Another plus is that there are multiple parts to the challenges versus just one meal. Both of these are advantages over Bravo's Last Chance Kitchen which is hosted by Top Chef judge Tom Colicchio and is virtually a one-meal contest.

The webisodes are fun and interesting to watch. They do not require much time and give favorite ousted contestants that chance for redemption. When the right one wins, it can be thrilling.


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