Question: For Internet Streamers: how do you keep up with recently aired TV episodes?

Currently, my family only uses Netflix, but there are a few TV shows I feel compelled to keep up with. For example, I cannot wait until next year to watch Season 4 of the Walking Dead, so I have been watching it on Amazon Instant. The show airs on AMC Sunday nights at 8pm, and when I wake up at 6 on Monday morning, I can download the episode for $1.99 on my Kindle Fire and take it to work with me to watch on my lunch. This is the only show that i do this with, so $1.99 a week is not bad. However, I'd love to keep up with my other shows (legally), so my question is, what is the cheapest, fastest option for this without cable or satellite? In our area, satellite costs a fortune and there is only one crappy cable provide (which also costs a fortune.)