For the Home Theater Enthusiast with too much money...$3500 dollar remote

From: Elan brings home $3,350 Wi-Fi touchscreen control panel | SOHO Networking |
For those with the resources to install an elaborate home theater and/or automation system in their homes, an 8.4-inch control panel that costs more than most HDTVs may not seem excessive. Those deep-pocketed smart-home mavens will find a lot to like in the XP-8.4—for $3,350, they better—including built-in 802.11g Wi-Fi that lets the panel double as an Internet browsing and media streaming device.

This thing is expensive and ugly! Why would anyone want to browse the internet from their remote/control panel when most Home Theater enthusiasts browse from their big screen TVs?

Jason Fritz

Staff member
Wow, it looks like it does a bit more than just control home audio equipment...I see options for security and climate control. Still seems to be a bit much.
Control Panel

Wow...that is some device. Still it is a lot of money to spend on a device. I'm sure the is another brand that will do just as much without spending a fortune. But to each his own.


its superb.good facilities are available in this single unit itself.really its replaces computer.i hope other product wont come near to this product.