For those who are crying 'HELP! i got no channels'

We are always happy to help here at DTVUSAForum. but unfortunately crying for 'HELP! i got no channels why?!' without giving more information doesn't help us figure your problems out. we live in many different locations so it is very hard to figure a problem out if we don't know anything about the stations or the distances and the PSAs which ran before the transition were misleading on what kind of antenna is needed, it's different for every person. for some a simple rabbit ears works, for others more expensive solutions are or may be required.

These websites will help us to help you. post the images you get from them or the link to the results:

TV Fool


Or provide us with your address, city, and zip code so we can do it for you. but crying for help is not going to help anyone.

For those of you just joining, i wish you all a big WELCOME! we're always trying to help those who are just starting to enjoy the many benefits of Digital Television.

AND Keep in mind that those on Cable/Satellite do NOT need to do anything!

Those who had digital channels yesterday and now show up as 'NO SIGNAL' or 'NO SERVICE' or 'NO PROGRAM' will require no more than a complete rescan (no easy add, additional add, add new channels, etc) to get their channels back. a lot of them have moved to other RF channels, some may need to get another antenna or adjust their old one since some channels are harder to pick up on different RF numbers.
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