for those who need a small antenna

LAVA A-2605 Digital Local TV High Definition HD Television Reception Aerial, RED ZONE. I have used this antenna where a small antenna is needed it has an pre amp and a rotator built in installed one for a lady that lives at the bottom of a hill she got 37 of the 45 channels crisp and clear. they state a 60 to 80 mile range for this little guy order them from summit source. one coax runs all the amp and the rotator. it is about 2 ft long and 1 ft wide.
Great information! It's not a bad price considering what you get too (under $50). The rotor is remote controlled too isn't it?

yea it is pair this with an RCA converter box and it works really well also fits on 1/2 pipe so the mast can be small as well:)
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