Forbes article: Hulu vs Netflix


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Hulu and Netflix have two different business models with different purposes. Hulu is a "people won't steal what they can watch for free (with non-skippable ads)" service, and Netflix is a "people are willing to pay a reasonable amount for a lot of content" service. Hulu free will stay free because the networks don't want to surrender to bit-torrent. Hulu plus is just a way to squeeze a little bit more money out of the service. (For a little bit more you can have a bit more.)

I keep thinking about subscribing to Netflix, but have difficulty watching all the content I have access to now.


Forbes Article: Hulu Vs Netflix

.....I keep thinking about subscribing to Netflix, but have difficulty watching all the content I have access to now.
We have Hulu Plus currently, but we also had Netflix in the past. I cancelled Netflix because my family said that they preferred Hulu, but now they want Netflix back again. I don't see Crackle mentioned very often, so I guess that speaks volumes right there.


I am going to have to check out the Hulu in more detail-as in actually try it. I have the lowest tier Fios TV now because I could not justify paying for something I rarely sit and watch. More channels keep being added to the lowest tier. I'm getting free HBO for some reason...but I rarely watch. I DVR'd the Hobit movie.

I Think I downloaded the HULU app on the Xbox but they only offered a Plus account. Gotta look into it since everyone seems to be liking HULU.


Hulu has it's uses, but overall I prefer Netflix because it doesn't have any ads. I watch very little regular TV anyway. I use Netflix's mail service rather than streaming because you can't stream new movies or most of the newer TV series (Game of Thrones). I tried Crackle once, but don't remember finding anything worthwhile on it. That was some time ago though so perhaps it's better now.


I like Hulu better because it has Family Guy and The Simpsons. I don't mind the unstoppable ads because its worth it being able to watch family guy. I would cancel my Netflix subscription if my mom didn't watch anything on it. I only used to use Netflix for anime and there is a lot of free services for anime like Gogoanime or Animedao. frankly HULU IS MUCH BETTER. Where is family guy on Netflix. Where is the Simpsons on Netflix.