Founder of Bose Corporation passes at 83

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Amar G Bose, Electrical Engineer, Audio Engineer and founder of the Bose Radio Corporation passed today at 83 years of age. He started his 'audio research business' in 1964 and he developed the best headphones of the day. They were far better than others available at that time but they were much more expensive and they were worth the cost.

Early history: I learned about Bose from a neighbor over 40 years ago. In the 1960s and through at the mid 1970s, popular headphones from Allied Radio, Lafayette Radio, Radio Shack and others used cheap two and three inch diameter speakers sourced from little 'transistor radios' and they could not begin to offer decent quality audio directly to the listeners ears. Bose reinvented tiny speakers and they covered a far wider audio spectrum.

At that time, Bose headphones were rather heavy - around double the weight of others available at the time but by 1970, headphones became rather popular and you will often see them sitting next to a sofa or on a table in TV shows on MeTV, RetroTV, AntennaTV and ThisTV in 'vintage' TV shows and in movies.

The above mentioned 'transistor radio speakers' in cheap headphones could not survive high level audio very long without burning out or radically distorting the audio, but Bose headphones were almost bulletproof. My neighbor mentioned above worked for the US Postal System as a zipcode-sorter and the noise level from the sorting machinery in the building was louder than Boeing 707 jet engines.

Daily, before starting work she molded bees wax ear plugs and then put her headphones on. In her local sorting office they had five different audio streams available to listen to during their eight hour daily shifts. I have no clue how much audio power was available at each station, but she said it regularly 'cooked' their headphones. Cheap headphones rarely survived a full week but Bose headphones always survived six months or longer, so it was definitely cost-effective for her to buy them.

For later history including his academic achievements click the NY Times link below, Wikipedia or the official Bose Corporate page.

RIP Professor Bose.

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The video clip is partially in the English language, but it is the best one I found to promote the real Bose and his attitute toward doing business and working hard to make profits (capitalism).