Fourth of July


What's everyone doing this 4th of July? We're having some family over this weekend, probably going to grill up some salmon w/ lemon and white wine. Anybody else have a typical meal or recipe on the 4th that they use? :fish2: :deadhorse:


Probably nothing different than the usual weekend for me. Recipe? 1 can mountain dew, 1 bag popcorn, 1 microwaved hot dog and I'm good for the night. Yes, I do not have a girlfriend. It's the only way I can afford all of this computer equipment. :)


I miss doing consumer fireworks. Not allowed locally, save for sparklers, party poppers, smoke balls and other novelty fireworks. Boring, really.

So I do the Anime Expo experience. To make it more exciting, I put on a green vest. That's volunteering. Basically guide the congoers to the egress, point out the nearest restrooms, guard off-limit doors/stairs against opposite traffic, and help out in the fundraiser games (raise scholarship funds for aspiring students who need help with anime art classes) Real fun, i tell you, real fun.

They have a $30 returnable deposit to keep out troublemakers, though. That way they don't have anyone giving bad directions, playing deaf, and pulling stunts that are generally not helpful to the Anime Expo experience.


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Nothing that I know of. If it doesn't cool down, definitely nothing. 108 2 days ago, 104 yesterday, 102 today, and supposedly somewhere in the 100's tomorrow. It is supposed to cool off for the weekend though. We'll see.


We're invited to a party being thrown by a company that has a perfect view (on four stories of their building) of the Charles River Esplanade, to watch the Boston Pops (with Neil Diamond) and the fireworks after.


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Wow, some of you are really doing it up for the 4th. My girlfriend and I are planning on seeing Transformers: Revenge of the Fallen, then we'll probably go back to the apartment and place some XBOX 360, eat potato chips and drink a couple of Corona's. She's a keeper. :)


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They outlawed shooting them off in the city limits here a couple years ago. It used to be quite the show all over town. Now will probably take the kids and head down to the lake for the local show put on by the city.
Right now I am making sure the local yokels don't set my roof on fire, Tommorrow we will watch the 10K run, then the parad, a rock band by dinner and fireworks at 10. The best part is watching everyone stagger home afterwards. Glad the celebrations are all in walking distance. We will spend sunday cleaning up after all the townies.