Fourth Quarter 2010 Pay-TV Subscriber Numbers


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So far these are the fourth quarter U.S. subscriber numbers that I've found for various companies.

AT&T U-verse +289,000
Verizon FiOS +182,000
DirecTV +289,000
Dish Network -156,000
Comcast -135,000
Time Warner - 141,000
CableVision - 35,000
Knology -3,600

Charter will make its report March 1st, and Cox, as a private company, doesn't have to report. But, if you figure that both have around 6 million subscribers, and use the Comcast percentage you can guestimate a 35,000 subscriber loss for both.

Using those numbers it looks like about 220,000 U.S. households added pay-TV subscriptions in the 4th quarter of 2010. Another analyst estimated the real number at about a 100,000 gain (after figuring in other small cable companies), which is less than the population growth over the same period. That means that even with subscriptions up penetration is down.
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As expected. The fiber/IPTV companies have more to offer. DirecTV is also getting aggressive with its ad campaigns and VOD features.