Fox is gone from Dish Network?


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On November 1, it appears as if Fox Network channel will disappear from Dish Network! Looks like Fox started a new website to inform Dish Network customers too called - GetWhatIPaidFor :: Stories.

The thing is FX, National Geographic, and FSN are already missing from Dish Network's channel lineup, so Dish isn't messing around with negotiations to keep Fox Network from disappearing as well.

Is Dish Network crazy?


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No one mentions that I have more free programming with this FOX mess...lost Fox=I got more channels available to me!
What did they give you to compensate?

Nat Geo I would consider a loss. The rest, naaa...
What they did was give us the Multi-Sports Package for no extra charge. This includes a number of out of market RSN's (too bad live ML games are blacked out to out of market viewers), NBATV, NHL, NFL and ESPN Classic.

AT-250 package customers used to get ESPNCL until it was removed last spring. It's nice to have that one back. The only ones who gained NBA, NHL & NFL are those at AT-120. You still need AT-20+ to have the RSN's.

It is said the Fox dispute can cause Dish to drop of local Fox O&O local stations effective Nov. 1 and that is all tied into the other dispute. Either Dish and Fox will make a deal on everything here or they will loose everything. I am sure Dish will have to make a deal possibly a couple weeks into November or this can end up fatal to Dish and they know it. In New York Fox also owns the local MyN. Will NYC viewer hang around if they loose channels 5 and 9 for long? I don't think so.

At least for me my OTA antenna will give me both Fox and MyN channels from the Scranton area but not everyone has this luxury.

Remember, the only ones who will loose the Fox channels are the O&O Fox channels. If your local channel is just an affiliate, you are not affected. But these are smaller markets.