Fox Movie Channel


It's been posted somewhere on here. For now, the only affiliates are Fox O&O stations (usually on a sister station if they have a duopoly), & Weigel's own WMLW Racine/Milwaukee. Weigel is a partner in this movie network, but they decided to let Fox carry the network in their own markets, including in Chicago where Weigel Broadcasting is based out of. To offer it in Milwaukee, Weigel decided to affiliate with the network in that market, since Fox sold off WITI a few years back. I don't know if Weigel will affiliate with the network in South Bend, IN though, since they have 3 LPTV stations there.


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The first link you provided is to the Fox Movie Channel cable network, which has been around for years and years. Movies! is the new network that is on the Fox/WMLW/KLAS subchannels.

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I think this is what we're talking about here.......MOVIES! we have it outta Memphis and it's pretty nice....I like's like Antenne Theather 24.7