FOX News and CNN blocked again (technical difficulties?) - DirecTV

Why are only Fox News an CNN out every morning? Yet, MSNBC is on. Is Direct TV trying to drive the viewership up for failing MSNBC? I will cancel my subscription rather than watch that lousy network.

This question, "FOX News and CNN blocked again (technical difficulties?)," is about DirecTV channels, programming, equipment, and sports.


Fox is blocked for 3rd day in Greenville, SC, area.
Begins at 6:00a.m. Fox Channel switches to Fusion Channel or screen shows "technical difficulties".
Either INTENTIONAL or hacked.
Evening shows have not been affected YET.
Is this nationwide?

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Major news channels blocked?

I've been up since five this morning and only Fox news and CNN is having technical difficulties on DirecTV. it is now 11:30 AM