Fox news gone? DirecTV denies access? - DirecTV

I'm curious why DirecTV has denied me access to FoxNews? I pay for the channel and can no longer view it? My guess is this is some way of taking fair and balanced votes off the table. This is really bad, after 18 years with DirecTV it might be time to change providers. Really sad they want to "rig the election" this way

This question, "Fox news gone? DirecTV denies access?," is about DirecTV channels, programming, equipment, and sports.


What is it worth paying for.

Not getting fox news again, adams county wisconsin. Getting ready to dump directv. Lost directv in oct. For several day before getting service out to fix. No crd. Given. Price not worth programing given.


I can't use it to access my Fox News app for live streaming either. I tried to do that when they shut down Fox and Friends yet again this morning. Funny, I can access HBO go just fine, but no Fox News go. Now, why would that be?