Fox Sports Go app - authentication issue - DirecTV

To use the app, I need to authenticate with my DirecTV credentials. I cannot. It says, "Sorry, something went wrong. Please try again later." and it has for over a month. When I try to login with incorrect credentials intentionally, it tells me my login information is wrong. So I know it is not my credentials. The error messages are *not* the same. I'll say that again, I KNOW IT IS NOT MY CREDENTIALS. I'm not trying to stream DirecTV. I'm just trying to use my DirecTV credentials to authenticate with Fox Sports Go.

I'm fairly certain I even know why it's happening -- authenticating with DirecTV does not bring you to a "success" page as normal logins do, but instead to a "splitter" page that makes the user choose AT&T or DirecTV. So I think that is spitting the error and breaking the idp authentication. But I've called/chatted with support three times in a month and nothing has changed.

Please help!!

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