Foxconn R30-D4 nice little media streamer


Just put together a little system for our bedroom to stream media to our tv. Foxconn R30-D4. Has their D52S mobo, Atom D525 1.8Ghz dual-core, SFF case w/150w PSU. Got it from Newegg as a shell shocker deal. Was supposed to come w/2Gb(2x1Gb) of DDR2-800, they sent me 4Gb (2x2Gb). Either a mistake or them making up for a couple screw-ups recently, don't know.

Anyway popped a 500Gb SATA HD and a wireless N PCI card, installed Win7 and this little unit handles it all nicely. SFF case is cramped but has decent air flow. PSU has 2 fans, CPU fan and a case fan on top (I have it standing vertically), could put another fan on top on other end as there is a vent opening. Runs quiet, quite nice for for I need it to do.