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My neighbor in my apartment complex got Direct TV a few days after they moved in. A few hours after they got the satallite dish connected & up and running, they ran a cable from their apartment to the apartment on the other side of them. I know that this is illegal and was trying to speak to someone in the fraud department about it. However, unless I commit a crime I can't get any of their information on their names or account for Direct TV. As a concerned citizen, the fraud department is hard to get ahold of and speak to. I DO believe that people who are using the service shouldn't take advantage and give their neighbors access to their cable or satallite usage unless they go to the apartment that has it and is paying for it. With this in mind, I think that people like myself should get some sort of insentive so that the company doesn't loss money for people commiting fraud by letting neighbors steal service.
In case the fraud department sees this...the apartment complex and the neighbor's info that I do know is as follows:
The Villas at Sierra Vista
2821 Las Vegas Trl. Apt 87
Fort Worth, TX. 76116
Also, I know that the installer of the system didn't get permission of the apartment complex as to how the dish can be put in and if there is an amount that the resident has to pay for putting in a satallite dish. Most apartments have strict guidelines in having satallite dishes installed. The people for Direct TV in the Fort Worth, TX area need to make sure that they are up to date on each apartments guidelines since the management can change from year to year.

This question, "Fraud of a neighbor," is about DirecTV channels, programming, equipment, and sports.
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