Fraudulent sales practices - DirecTV


I am very upset with my treatment working with your company. I'm a very reasonable and loyal customer, so I feel obliged to document this issue for my sanity and for your company's well-being.

-Last year, we signed up for Uverse (U300) & Internet based on a ~$110/month bill (plus Chicago taxes).

-In July, we moved this service from one apartment to another and were told that we didn't qualify for the promotion to move services.

-On September 7, I called in and spoke to Diana (M62350). We weren't using our full list of channels so I wanted to see about lowering our service for a lower rate. We lowered to the U200 and I very explicitly confirmed that we would now be paying ~$100/month.

-In October, our bill came in at ~$170. On October 12, I called in and spoke to Shane (SR142B) and Chris (CT90ST) because I was clearly upset our services went down and somehow our bill got higher. I was informed that the previous account change should have never happened because it voided our promotions. I was told I would be given a credit for the last month and that I would be given a new promotion for a year for the U300 at ~$100/month. I accepted as this covered all my concerns.

-In November, my bill came at the expected amount.

-In December, my bill came in at $203. I called in today, Dec 17, and was informed that I never had a promotion re-applied to my account. I was offered a $140 to keep the U200 and internet.

There is clearly some systematic issues with giving incorrect information on the phone and then not actually applying those account/bill changes. I assume this is happening to other customers as well, than I am not far off in assuming this is widespread fraudulent activity. If you listen to any of my past recorded phone calls and the changes made to my account, this should be clear.
I'm writing this complaint to give a your company a chance to reach out to me to keep me. I would need my bill to be lowered to ~$100/month with all existing services and credit my Decmeber bill for the amount that I was tricked into paying.

This is my last effort to keep my business at AT&T though, I'm scheduling comcast installation and will turn off AT&T cancellation as soon as possible.

This question, "Fraudulent sales practices," is about DirecTV channels, programming, equipment, and sports.