Free HDTV with antenna?

I was with my friends and we plugged in the old antenna because we heard a rumor about free HDTV broadcasts send to the tv through a good old antenna. What do you know, it works. Try this when you have some time.


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Trying to get Free TV

The key issue being a good old Antenna.
And you're right, plug it in, do a scan, and see what you got !

If you get nothing...
Maybe the Antenna wasn't as good as you thought.
Maybe you need a Digital to Analog Converter.
Maybe the connections aren't correct.

But IF you do get something to watch, the next step is to compare that with what's available, and you need to look up a Chart on what's out there.

Click on the first line in my signature below, to see how to get that information.

If you need further assistance, just ask !

Have a good Day ! :)

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