Free month of Netflix DVD / Blu-ray by mail service!


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View attachment 3120 I have been a Netflix customer for at least 9 years now - back in the days when DVD by mail was your only option, and there was no such thing as Netflix streaming video. I really enjoyed the DVD by mail service because it allowed me to to see new movies shortly after their release. I also liked the streaming service when it was a freebie that came with the DVD by mail service. The two services complimented each other nicely.

Needless to say, then, I was pretty upset when Netflix decided to charge separately for steaming and DVD by mail service, but like most others I chose to stop the DVD by mail service and continue with just streaming. I have been using Redbox since then to rent new movies, and that has worked out pretty good for me and the family.

I watch Netflix mainly on 2 Roku players and a few Android devices, so I rarely have a reason to log into Netflix with a computer. But when I needed to log on recently, I was surprised with an offer of one month of DVD by mail service for free! I jumped at the offer - and you should too, if it is offered to you when you log in.

Here's some things you can do to maximize your free trial. First, Netflix will sign you up for their 2 - out DVD plan by default. Before you just click on that plan, I suggest that you select the 3 - out plan. If you also have a Blu-ray player, sign up for Blu-ray access, too. It costs a few dollars extra if you don't cancel before your free month is up, but it won't cost you to add it to your free trial. Now, the first thing you're going to want to do once you are signed up is to put at least 6 DVD or Blu-ray discs in your DVD queue. And if any of your selections shows a wait time, try selecting a different format. For example, one new release on DVD was listed as "long wait" but when I switched to Blu-ray format, it showed no wait time.

And, YEA, don't forget to cancel before your month trial is over - set a reminder, or write it on your calendar!

I'm really enjoying being able to get discs in the mail ever few days. I like that I'm seeing things that aren't on Netflix streaming and not available at the Redbox. It has been taking about 2-3 days to get a new movie - not as fast as it used to be when I lived in Las Vegas where there is a Netflix distribution center. You may want to check this map to see how close to you Netflix's distribution centers are.

I've missed getting discs in the mail, and I just may keep a 1 disc out plan when my trial is over.


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Update: In the first week with 3-disc out service, I have received (and watched and returned) 5 DVDs and 1 Blu-ray.
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