free movie tuesday thru att - DirecTV

Att now offers free tuesday movie to directv customers. I just spent over an hour chatting and talking to ATT, Directv and nobody could tell me how to sign up and download free movie ticket app. I tried ATT website and they sent me to directv website. There after I could not find in account management where they told me to go, I chatted with directv person, who finally after a long time gave me a phone number. Again I explained what I needed and after several minutes I was transferred to another person, again I answered the same questions and again I was transferred. The last person again needed all my info and asked same questions and finally told me to call ATT help and the phone number she gave me was the same one I called which was finally transferred to her. They have no way to contact them by Email, so I will ask anyone who knows how to get connected to please let me know.

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