Free TV with my new Roku?


I live in a little village with lots of hills, ravines and tall, tall trees. How can I install an antenna that will give me more tv selections and allow me to ditch cable and the $300 bill I get every month for every little thing....


The Roku will basically provide streaming shows and movies to your TV. Sign up for the free month of Netflix and if you like using that exclusively, then you can get a ROKU for the TV. I love mine, but I also like watching HDTV FREE over the air even better!! Go to and run a report on your actual location, then post the results here to get help on which antenna would help you best- don't worry, the results you post don't show your actual location.


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Hello Ladybird! Welcome to DTVUSA!

Please post a report from TV Fool here and we can help you select the best antenna for your location. An antenna is never a "one size fits all" proposition.

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