Frequent Disconnects with varying errors - Time Warner Internet

This question is about "Frequent Disconnects with varying errors", with Time Warner Cable internet and apps. Ove the past two months my Internet service has begun to drop with increasing frequency. The issue mimics the symptoms that were experienced about a year and a half ago when lines coming to the house ended up needing to be replaced. The life span of a cable should be longer than the year and half it has been in place.
The image below shows a 24 hours span in which 7 drops occured. These drops are identifiable with sudden spikes and dips in the downstream power level. Only two drops logged a spike in uncorrectables before the drop. The data points are 10 seconds apart, so it is possible the modem reacted quicker than the data was logged.

The issues that he modem reports are, by frequency of incident:
T3 Timeout, T4 Timeout, TLV-11 Illegal Set Operation, and RCS Partial Service.

Location: San Antonio, TX, 78238
Modem: TM1602AP2
Firmware: TS0901103J8TW1_010918_1602.TM_PC20_TW
Setup: Single Home, No other serivces, no splitters
Speeds: 220Mbps Down, 10 Mbps up, consistent.
Jitter and Ping are controlled with FQ_Codel on upstream, and rate limiting on downstream. Without rate limiting on downstream, downloads can create spikes in latency up to 500ms. This occurs with direct connection, and thus I was able to eliminate the router as a possible cause for high latency during times of high downstream utilization.
The router and setup have been consistent for the past year up to the point that dropping began, with the only down time steming from power outages.
Ping to is consistently between 25 and 30ms while the internet if functioning.

Frequent Disconnects with varying errors?