Frustrated in Lynchburg


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Hello everyone. As some of you know, Trip came to visit me and do some OTA signal testing for me. He told me that I have to get an antenna on the NW side of my living room faces NE. I am trying to get some coax, about 75 feet of it to run it inside the apartment, a flat coax cable connector, and a 75-300 ohm connector. It is not in the budget to do so right now. In the mean time I made two DIY antennas from free stuff and scrap that I got my hands on from Tracters Supply. I made a version of Trip's design which he used to test with (so I know it is not his antenna that is the issue) and I made one from this site: and neither of them work from within my NE facing livingroom window. I blame my eye site for this and the fact that it is not in the best window in my apartment.
I am wondering if I would not be better off with a store bought unit because of my eyes. I keep stripping screws, baling wire slipping out from under washers (which I do not find until later when troubleshooting, etc). The TV will scan and find every channel that I could get in my area, but none of them are able to be watched. I think until I can get an antenna on the NW side of my apartment and run 75 feet of coax around door frames, etc....I am just out of luck. There is no harm in trying, so I thought I would try and make two DIY antennas, but for me they are not working due to issues with my eyes and lack of a NW window. I hate to spend the money on a store bought antenna, but that might be my best option. I am not giving up at all, I am just frustrated and was hoping that what I did just might work. :)
Your problem is not your eyes, it's your location, location, location.

Unless you can get the right antenna to a spot where the signal is at, you are, unfortunately, just spinning your wheels and driving yourself crazy.

You're over fifty miles away from Roanake and indoors on the wrong side of the building. There is no recipe for success with only those ingredients.


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The reason I did mention my eyes is when making the DIY antenna I was striping screws, the galvanized wire was coming loose from under the washers, the spade clip came off of the rather old 75-300 ohm connector, etc. I did not see those things until later. Trip from this forum came to my apartment and visited me with his spectrum analyzer and with his DIY antenna was getting great signal outside a NW facing bedroom window.....and a lot of noise and reflection outside the NE facing living room window. According to his testing I should be fine if I can get a decent antenna in a bed room window and run coax inside the apartment to the TV. My issue right now is a quality antenna. Both my DIY antennas just did not work. The two antennas I tried to build were made from all free scrap stuff I was able to get from several places. I looked at buying salt treated wood, stainless nuts...bolts...washers, wood water sealant, etc. In a nutshell it would be cheaper for me to buy a Winegard Freevision FV30 than to build a DIY antenna because I do not have any of those supplies in the apartment. :) Plus my eyes do not allow me to see those small mistakes.....a spade connector that looks connected but has a broken wire, etc. The main issue for me right now is simply income. Living on a fixed income is not fun at times. That is why I was trying the DIY route knowing it would only cost me time. I am thinking at this point to just wait until I can get a quality pre-made antenna and be done with it.