Futurama...Gone but Not Forgotten


Seeing that King of the Hill has been cancelled, I am wondering if Fox is doing it because there's a glut of animated programming on Sundays or what. I mean, they have KOTH, The Simpsons, Family Guy, and American Dad.

Fox has done this before; Family Guy was once canceled and given to another network until they saw how popular it was and renewed it.

Pity though that Matt Groening's OTHER show, Futurama, was axed. It was so funny; a sarcastic sci fi themed series that was a mix of The Simpsons with The Jetsons. I think (I am not sure) it lasted only a few seasons...three at the most, because of low ratings.

Fortunately, though. there is the home video market, and Futurama has a new direct to DVD feature out now - Bender's Big Score.

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