FX streaming on Roku???? - XFinity

This question is about "FX streaming on Roku????", with XFinity-Comcast TV channels, programming, and sports. Why the F are you a*holes preventing customers who pay you money and deal with your poor customer server, access to the FX app??? I am canceling my service tomorrow. Need I remind you that I pay for this service and if you say that the user agreement states blah blah blah, well, legally you are breaking the law. I've asked several lawyers and this is considered a breach of contract. ESPECIALLY since you never obtained my written consent. Speaking of illegal actions, why is it okay for you to raise prices during a contract or add on ambiguous fees??? How is this legal. (just another affidavat worthy line item)
This is the last straw. Every month you goudge your customers, change service agreements unlawfully and will never change. You are the worst at this very easy task.
I know I know, this is one small thing, get over it. NO, I have been waiting for 7 months for a supervisor to call me back about an offer I was given that (guess what?) wasn't honored. What a suprise. You always have the time to scr3w your customers over but never enough to right the ship.


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