FX's Fargo? Billy Bob Thorton spills it!


The 1996 Coen brothers film “Fargo” made about $60 million at the box office -- its production budget was $7 million -- and won two Academy Awards, for best original screenplay and best actress for its star, Frances McDormand. Over the years, its cult status has become more and more entrenched. So much so that the film was used as the inspiration for FX’s just-concluded 10-part series using the same title, with the filmmakers’ blessing.

Joel and Ethan Coen acted as executive producers -- the entire series was written by Noah Hawley -- and the spirit of their iconic movie about a female Minnesota police chief investigating local homicides infused the series, which stars Billy Bob Thornton, Martin Freeman, Colin Hanks and Allison Tolman.
Thornton plays hitman Lorne Malvo, the stranger who comes to the town of Bemidji, Minn., and wreaks unspeakable havoc and fear among the populace, beginning in the first few minutes and continuing through the bloody end.

If you are into the fargo series you will really be interested in this interview with Billy Bob Thorton. TV Week has the exclusive goods!


Fargo has been exceptional! Coen brothers are really creative and this has been a masterpiece! FX series is also great, starring Billy Bob Thorton and Martin Freeman. 9.1 on IMDB speaks much louder than words!!!