FYI - new SSL certificate on - XFinity

FYI - new SSL certificate on, XFinity-Comcast internet.

Announcement: Comcast-XFinity installed a new SSL certificate for today.

This should only affect Eudora users, and they may need to manually allow the updated certificate.

To resolve issues, you must first generate the error, and then,
To display the most current information for an SSL connection between a server and Eudora since the last time you started Eudora, click Last SSL info.

The Eudora SSL Connection Information Manager window appears with SLL and certificate information.

CAUTION: If you display the SSL information windows, make certain you don’t change any of the field information unless you are familiar with SSL.

NOTE: If you get an error messages that states SSL Negotiation failed, click Last SLL Info and then click Certificate Information Manager. If you see a certificate with a skull image to left of it, that means the certificate is not trusted. To make it trusted, click Add to Trusted. This will add the non-trusted certificate to the trusted list.

NOTE: On the first SSL negotiation for an email account, Eudora will report if a certificate is not trusted. If the user agrees to trust the certificate, Eudora will add the certificate to the trusted list."