Game of Thrones questions?

What's humorous, is that the fan base appears to be split on either love or hate of the Joffrey Baratheon character in the series. From what I have read / seen / think:
Hate Camp:
- Despise his cruelty towards just about everyone in the show. Between his ex-fiance, to being cruel to the escorts, his mother, etc, it just brings out the hate in you.
- Not even his own Mom likes him...
- He connects with the "angry" part of each of us.

Love Camp:
- From birth, his personal history is intriguing to many and due to the incestuous background, there is a rationalization behind his craziness.
- He is a brilliant actor.
- He has inspired more memes than the rest of the Game of Thrones cast put together!

Of course, he doesn't have his own dragon(s) am interested in seeing how the next season goes as the books get blended together further by HBO.