GamePop competes with Ouya for mobile gaming to TV, but with a twist

Ouya, the tiny light-weight Android-based robust gaming console launched at under the $100 mark will have a competitor this winter. GamePop brings mobile gaming to the big screen TV and will provide all games for one flat subscription rate. At just $6.99 a curated selection of 500 titles will be made available from the app store to subscribers. There will be no limits to play time.

Pre-orders have already started from the site but the device isn't actually yet for sale. BlueStacks, the company behind the product is giving away the console to those who commit to one year of the $6.99 per month subscription. So for around $84 game lovers can get the console essentially for free and without limits, for one year.

Many partners will be announced for game content availability but a couple already mentioned were: Halfbrick who has provided Jetpack Joyride & Fruit Ninja, and Glu Mobile who brought us Gun Bros.

Video: GamePop Introduction


"We think content is most important," said BlueStacks Senior VP of Marketing, John Gargiulo. "Think about Windows 8 or Blackberry: cool UI, great tech, but if there are no apps, there are no games, people don't want to use it. We're really focused on getting the best content."

This isn't the first foray BlueStacks has made into the mobile gaming to non-mobile market. 750,000 mobile apps make it to the PC and Mac thanks to the BlueStacks app that has saw more than 5 million downloads already.

Unlike the Ouya, the hardware running in the GamePop so far hasn't been disclosed, but it has been said that the system will be "plenty fast for all top games," which includes the higher end 3D games.

Bringing mobile gaming to the living room TV has been done, but the all-you-can-play streaming Netflix-like model is a relatively new concept that should take off.