Gardening Gurus

Any gardening fans out there? Whether you grow flowers or veggies, or have the perfectly manicured lawn, I thought there should be a place for us to chat about all things gardening related. I have always loved plants and gardening, so much that I went to national competitions when I was in 4H and spent my first 4 years in college majoring in Horticulture and Landscape Design. There is just something about working in the gardens and taking care of my plants that helps me relax and unwind.
I am definitely not a guru, but my house and I built a square foot garden last year. That had varied results. By "varied results," I mean that the main thing that grew were lettuce, spinach, and green beans as well as some flowers even though we were trying to grow maybe ten different things.

I also didn't know I could hate the rabbits and chipmunks in my neighborhood so much!


I am by no means a garden guru! I have never planted a garden... But I do have to say then ones I have seen are just amazing! But I also know its takes a lot of attention time just keeping it that way! I actually am afraid that if I did a garden it would... Lets say (Not make it) I seem to not have a thing for being able to keep things alive so to speak... Had a few plants growing up, and never ended well. But oh man! My aunt can sure make a garden! She has one garden that is veggies and one that is just flowers. Ever since she has been battling newmorus cancers since 1998 she has become an "organic" type person. She does not eat anything that is processed. She either 1. grows it her self or 2. if she can't make it she will go to an amish community and buy things from there.