Genachowski Done With Spectrum Crunch Debate

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Genachowski Done With Spectrum Crunch Debate - 2011-05-20 14:39:29 | Broadcasting & Cable

From the article:

"FCC Chairman Julius Genachowski told a Telecommunications Industry Association audience in Dallas Thursday that there should be no more debate about whether there is a spectrum crunch that requires freeing up more spectrum." ...

... "It was a "carpe digital" moment, with the chairman saying it was time to seize the opportunities of mobile by using mobile satellite spectrum for terrestrial broadband, freeing up other spectrum, and being more efficient through sharing and secondary markets.

But the greatest of these, he suggested, was freeing up spectrum. "The single most important step we can take for U.S. leadership in mobile is implementing voluntary incentive auctions," he said. He called it a voluntary process that was rooted in the fee market." ...
Translation: reduce free TV availability and increase pay TV availability. (Follow the money trail)