Genachowski Is Still Full of It


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Genachowski is Still Full of It

From The Original Article:
“Some have argued there’s no spectrum crunch, but the data couldn’t be clearer,” he said. “There’s no big swath of spectrum hidden in a warehouse somewhere.”

Broadcast interests have alleged as much--that cable and satellite companies are warehousing spectrum. Genachowski said the licensing system requires those who win spectrum to build it out.

“Some have argued incentive auctions will stop Mobile DTV. It will not,” he said. “Even if 120 MHz of the 294 allocated for broadcasting were freed up as a result of an incentive auction, a healthy and robust broadcast system would remain, and nothing would change the terms and use of a 6 MHz channel, including Mobile DTV.”
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Julius, there is a big difference between "building out" and actually efficiently using spectrum. All you have to do to "build out" spectrum is have towers and devices that can use those frequencies. That doesn't mean that you couldn't use existing spectrum (more efficiently) and accomplish the same thing. The only way to know if spectrum is actually being used efficiently is to measure true usage and reuse rates, and that takes more than a spectrum "dashboard" database. The requirement to "build out" spectrum doesn't prevent hoarding only a true measured spectrum inventory would do that. The one thing you got right in your speech is that the spectrum grab will do nothing to bring wireless broadband to rural areas. (In fact it will probably be counterproductive in that regard.) In short, please come back when you have something intelligent to say.
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