genie 1 and mini genie showing pixels all the time during action - DirecTV

so i have 'chatted' with techs twice now and both times they said i should receive a call from their 'supervisor' within an hour or so to schedule a tech - first time in October second time 2 weeks ago, nothing - ever since AT&T got hold of DirecTv the service has sucked, any way here's the situation - on both the genie and mini if there is action - car chase, golf ball in the air, football, players running you get the 'picture' the picture goes to 'pixels' nothing is clear until the 'action' has stopped then it clears up again - this is on 'real tv' and the dvr - i have unplugged the receiver for 2 minutes to reset things and still the same thing, and after chatting with the 'techs' and doing everything they said to do they finally said we will have the 'supervisor call within an hours to schedule a tech" - nothing no one called so i guess it's time to check out the forum to see if someone can give some advice. no wonder so many of my friends have left and gone to another service where tech support is good.

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