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We had a technician out yesterday to upgrade to and install a new genie whole home system. I had a whole home system that connected with 3 separate HD DVRS and 2 regular HD receivers (kind of confusing). For this upgrade, we purchased 1 genie and 4 genie minis. The technician yesterday could not finish the job because he needed to get to the satellite and did not have a long enough ladder, even though he called to try to obtain one. He said he needed to change the LNB at the satellite dish, so it was re-scheduled for the next day.
The next day (today) a different technician came out. He said we don't need to do anything at the satellite, and that the technician yesterday had set up the Genie wrong. However, he also said that we cannot have more than 3 Genie Minis connected to the system at the same time. He said that if we did, we would have to power one of them off all the time (literally, unplug it completely) or the system would not operate. I looked up the Genie and mini system on-line and it says you can have 8 minis connected. So I challenged our tech and he said he's been doing this a long time, and the sales people keep letting people buy more than 3 minis, but more than 3 will not work without disconnecting them.
I can't help but shake the feeling that service technicians just don't want to go up to our 3rd floor to access the satellite dish on the roof because it's very high, and maybe they will say anything to get out of it. We have had DirecTV for at least 10 years and every time we have had service, it takes at least 2 visits before they find a technician willing to climb up there. It should be in our record on file with DirecTV that it's pretty high, and so is every other house in our neighborhood. DirecTV put the dish there so they should be able to service it there as well.
It would be extremely helpful if someone can tell me whether I really cannot have more than 3 Genie Minis in my system, or whether the real issue is that something needs to be done at the dish and no one was willing to do it at this time.

Understand, my service was good (except for 2 days out of my vacation!), and the techs were very nice. And my system is currently working fine. The 5th HD non-mini receiver works fine with the whole-home system so I really didn't need the extra mini anyway. I just want to know if it's true, and if so, why does the website say you can have up to 8 Genie minis connected at one time?

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He is sorta right. You can have 8 genie minis, however only 3 will actually be able to view any TV, live or recorded at the same time. However, no, you do not have to unplug unused receivers, but they will require being powered off.

I agree though, the sales team does not know what they are talking about. We got hosed on this deal as well. We have 7 TVs and 5 bedrooms. Our family likes watching television in bed, and it's a race to find out who can turn their receiver on first.

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