Genie causes IP Address conflicts for Windows PCs on WiFi - DirecTV

I have the whole house DVR and 3 mini-STBs. At installation in January 2016, I couldn't remember the password to the home WiFI setup and the tech did some sort of work around to connect the DVR to the Wifi (I am not sure what he did, but he was highly motivated to make it connect).

In any case, shortly afterwards, the windows laptops in the house would no longer connect to the internet (although they still connected to the router). I disconnected the DVR from the WiFi and that seemed to solve things.

Over the course of 2016, the laptops upgraded to Windows 10 and at one point, I reconnected the DVR to the WiFi using the new password..

However, internet connection problems returned via WiFi - but only for the windows based laptops. iPad, connected TV, phones, and gaming boxes all still contected without issue.

after seeing "Windows has detected an IP address conflict......" If I pull the power from the DVR, the IP address conflict goes away and the laptops connect through the WiFi to the internet with no problem.

After restoring power to the DVR some laptops loose internet ASAP, others like the one I am on now continue to connect.

Any clues as to what I can do?

This question, "Genie causes IP Address conflicts for Windows PCs on WiFi," is about DirecTV channels, programming, equipment, and sports.

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