Genie hard drive failed - DirecTV

I received a message stating the Genie Hard Drive has failed. Rendering the DVR useless. There is no error code just a phone number to call with an ext. of 923. I called the number and the person I spoke with was only interested in selling me something. Is it possible that my recever was hacked.

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Direct tv ext 923. Hard drive failure

I think they do it just to try and sell you on the newest update equipment. They want 19.95 to send a new one I don't own the one that failed I pay on the equipment but I refuse to pay 7.99 a month more to have "protection" on there equipment. They r scaling all of us they should update our equipment I have been with them for 10 years! My equipment they don't even want me too return it its that old so I'm stuck trying to dispose of it!

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