Genie Issue - DirecTV

I have been experiencing issues since the genie was installed over a year ago. I even had the Genie moved to another room by the Directv tech. What I dont understand is why that my other receivers will not work, another HD DVR, when I unplug the Genie, located in another room. I thought that the Genie would only have an effect on the 2 other genie client boxes. It seems to me that all of my issues began when I installed the Genie and no one from Directv has been able to fix it. As a 19 year customer, I have had the most Directv issues ever, for the last year, since the Genie installation. Should I just go back to 2 seperate HD DVR boxes and regular boxes on the other TV's?

This question, "Genie Issue," is about DirecTV channels, programming, equipment, and sports.

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