Genie Mini c51-100 Wired Connection Lost - DirecTV

Directv recently replaced one of our genie mini's under warranty and the new one (c51-100) was working for a few days but then now has a Wired Connection Lost error. Tried resetting both the mini and the main genie with no luck. Finally, gave up and just moved another genie mini (c51-700) from another room into this room and it works fine.

Called Directv support and after some resetting with no luck, they said a tech needs to come out and they have to charge me for it. It's really stupid because they already charged me $20 in shipping to send the replacement which looks to be faulty and now they want to charge me to send out a ticket to fix a faulty replacement they sent.

I'm ready to cancel but figured I'd ask on this forum to see if anyone has had any luck fixing a similar issue.


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