Genie mini model C41w-100 is not responding to remote RC73 - DirecTV


One of my Genie minis (in my family room) is no longer responding to the RC73 remote control. The TV and Genie mini still turn on and off with the remote, but there is no control of the genie mini whatsoever. I can't access guide, directv menus, channel change...nothing at all.

I've tried pairing the remote again using the mute and enter but no difference. The funny thing is that I have another Genie mini in an upstairs bedroom that is working fine. I swapped the two around and the results are that the one not working in the family room now works in the bedroom and the one from the bedroom now doesn't work in the family room. I've unplugged and reset, using the red button, but nothing seems to be working and I can't find anything else. Only other piece of information is that the Directv wireless router is in the family room near the Genie mini but it's been there since I had the system installed well over a year ago so I'm not sure that has anything to do with it.

What do I do?

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