genie mini only displays 480 sd and does not work with remote - DirecTV

One of our genie minis is displaying only in 480 sd. I tried to restart the unit and then it came up with a message: Sorry, this tv does not support DIRECTV ready service. You will need to install a Genie Mini to watch DIRECTV on this tv. Now the remote no longer controls the Genie Mini.

The tv is a Vizio. It was working before. When the shows were all coming up 480 sd, I first tried moving the mini to a different HDMI channel, no luck. Then I tried to "reset" the unit by pushing and holding the light up directv power button. That is when I received the message and the controller stopped working. I then unplugged the unit for a few seconds, and plugged it back in. It turns on and I get picture but only in 480 sd and the remote does not work, so I cannot change channels.

Is the Mini bad? Is there something I can do to get it to work again?

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